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Hi! I’m Naia! Welcome to my blog where I will share my insight into matters of fat loss, fitness and health. I want to help you to lose weight for the long run instead of a quick fix and help you achieve your body goals. I can be your guide on how to lose weight and tone up the best way.

Personal Training Qualifications

I’m a level 3 qualified personal trainer with various other qualifications:

Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance

Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Intermittent Fasting – Fad or Future

Why I Love My Job…

I’ve been a personal trainer for for nearly 2 years now and it has been a joy to see my clients progress. I like seeing my clients gain confidence at the gym with different equipment, exercises and correct form. It also fills me with pride when I hear about results from positive lifestyle/dietary changes and verbal recognition from supportive friends and family of clients. It’s always nice when a pair of trousers fit loosely again. Most of my personal training is based at the Gym Exeter Marsh Barton however I also do personal training in the local area (Exeter and surrounding areas) outdoors and I’m open to home visits (post lockdown).

My Body Transformation Story

My Body Transformation

I decided to start my career in health and fitness because I wasn’t always as healthy and happy with my body image as I am now. In my school days I was a little on the larger side but managed to lose a lot of weight by taking control of my eating habits and incorporating more activity into my daily routine.

To this day I would like to thank the 10 Minute Belly Blast exercise DVD for spurring me on 6.30am in the morning before school. I might add, I made sure that I did more than 1 of the 10 minute videos consistently on weekdays. On weekends would do at least an hour on my rowing machine. I was that enthusiastic kid in PE that wouldn’t give up, was always up for a cross country challenge and would always take part with a competitive team spirit.

However, I used to be out of breath all too frequently and really noticed I was unfit on my yearly holidays, where I would go surfing with Shore Surf School. Every year I would see my efforts improve as I got fitter; killer sand dunes, carrying surfboards in pairs felt less strenuous and standing up on a surfboard which was near impossible before evolved into forward and backward turns on the waves. I made food choice switches in my packed lunch and started to recognise my overeating in fortnightly car journeys to Cornwall and snacking at home. I felt a lot more confident in my own skin by the time it got to prom day.

The Next Challenge

At the minute I’m training for The Great West Run half marathon in 2022 which is my next challenge. I think it is always important to strive higher (or stride faster)! Running is the new lockdown craze right! When I’m not running my favourite types of exercise involve weight training and kettlebells, I believe they’re not so intimidated once you are 100% on what you’re doing.

Your Turn!

I hope I have inspired you to take action towards your goals. If you would like some help on your journey (fat loss or fitness) or would just like some advice on how to go about starting I’m always eager to reply. Contact form and details are below…

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