Hall of Fit

Welcome to the Hall of Fit filled with client successes and body transformations.

Tiff’s terrific transformation! In the process she started PT with me in October 2020 at 13st 10 and in June 2021 lost 22 pounds down to 12st 2. For you metric people that’s a whole 10kg.
10 out of 10 for outstanding progress not only in the main fat loss goal but also not stopping through 2 lockdowns. Barbell workouts in the terrible winter period in the cold in the garden last year. She’s one of the most motivated people I know and one month came to the gym for at least an hour a day a whole 28 days of a 30 day month. I’m proud of how far she has come in lifting and how much confidence and strength she has built.
When training together adjusting breakfast patterns helped the working day was better. Now it’s all about maintenance and not slipping back into old ways but still getting a bit of lifestyle balance.